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Game Description:

Adam and Eve 5 is part 2 of the fifth episode in the Adam and Eve series. The game is developed by Functu and is released date January 2019. With simple gameplay and amazing graphics, this web game is suitable for all ages.

In the previous section, Adam did not get to the finish and the story ended in the best when he did not know how to get through the rhino. Come to this version, our Adam character will enter a new adventure, where you'll be helping our hero to overcome many different obstacles to get to his beloved (character Eve). However, this will not always be easy, but you will certainly do it without the help of others. Just try to click on different objects and once you will definitely do it.

The gameplay of this part 2 is the same as the previous episodes. However, the game has some updates as follows:
There are 18 maps in this section, each map features challenges and logic puzzles.
There are maps that you will meet zombies, dinosaurs and many other things.
Pass some fun puzzles, solve the barricades and open the doors. Be fearless and get this time to the end. Can you find Eve?
You can play this game on a web browser including desktop and mobile.

With a simple goal and corresponding gameplay, Adam and Eva are really an entertaining game than a cerebral challenge. The cute cartoon-style animated graphics and light, happy music contribute to make this game a pleasure to play. It's really just a fun little interactive story with touches of humor. So help Adam find his Eve and enjoy the stone-age journey along the way.

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How to play:

Like other games, in here you only simple point-and-click games; just use your mouse to click on items and interact with the environment, helping Adam safely journey to Paradise to be with Eve. There's very little to challenge you as you play, just click on objects in the right order to progress.

Tips and Tricks:

- You can pause/resume/restart and turn the sound on/off on the game screen.


- The first map: To cross the rhino, you need to carefully observe the items in the map quickly to step to the next map.


- The 2nd, 3rd and 4th maps are easy for you to overcome.


- For the 5th map, you must get the key and open the door.


- Map 6: To be able to cross this map, you must logically puzzle the puzzles.


- Map 7: If you like dinosaurs, in this map you will meet your favorite dinosaur, I think this map is also quite easy to overcome it.


- Map 8: To overcome the bee in this map, you need to fool it with a flower.


- Map 9: This time you continue to see the bee, but I think you will fool this bee.


- Map 10: How can you help Adam have a sleep on these adventurous days?


- Map 11: This is an interesting puzzle, let's try to see how to help Adam pass?


- Map 12: You will meet rhino again on this map, can you continue to pass it again?


- Map 13: How can you get the key to open the door on this map?


- Map 14: In this map, you will meet a cute baby dinosaur. It would be easy to deceive it with a chicken thigh :P


- Map 15: Rescue the egg from the crocodile for the bird, you will quickly get the key to open the door.


- Map 16: To overcome these zombies, dress up like them.


- Map 17: Quickly find items for this flying dinosaur, it will help you overcome.


- Map 18: This is the final map, use the stones to fool the man to get the key, then open the door to save Eve.



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