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Game Description:

Angry Shark Online is an action game that is developed by SDK. This game has unique graphics, suitable for all ages, especially children. You can enjoy this game in your browser or mobile for free.

Entering the game, you will take control of an angry shark. You will swim on the beach of the city and your mission is to destroy everything on the way. You can eat the people, fish, destroy the boat, destroy all the city... to cause as much damage as you can.

The interesting point in this game is that you can perform Superjump. To make a Superjump, you need to dive deep and then come up fast. You can use Superjump to bite aircraft and pull them into the water. Each time you destroy an object, you get points. Creating Superjumps will help you get more points.

The game has a blood shark bar that above the game screen. So You need to dodge the mines will hurt you. If you hit the mines, blood bar will decrease, you will die and the game will end.
Join this game and try to eat as many things as you can.

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A fun shark rampage game
Beautiful art
Mines in the water

How to play:

Arrow keys to control movements
Space bar to bite

Tips and Tricks:

-You can turn off the sound on the game screen

- Dive deep and then come up fast to make super jumps!

- Jump on boats and things to break them

- Try to bite aircraft and pull them down into the water

- Destroy everything and eat people to increase the blood bar

- Avoid the mines will hurt you

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