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Game Description:

You can't imagine how happy we are that we can now bring you even more new and awesome Bakugan Games online for free, since this is one of the best-animated shows for kids currently airing on television, and the many fans of it from all over the world are really excited whenever new games for it are being brought over for you!

Bakugan Bullet Hell is the name of the game, and it is quite a different experience from what you might have played here so far since you won't be taking part in normal Bakugan battles, but instead, you will control one of the dragons in the show and do an aerial battle against flying robots.

Yes, that's right! You can use either the arrow keys or the W, A, S, D keys to fly with your dragon in the air, as it shoots bullets of fire automatically, so aim it towards the robots facing you, while making sure that you don't get hit by their bullets too much, or you might lose all your energy and then the game.

There will also be rockets flying towards you, avoid them too. If you see power-ups such as shields, grab them, since they help you a lot in taking shots and taking no damage, while you keep destroying robots, and know that you can fusion with other Bakugan monsters, and then press the spacebar to use a special attack and destroy multiple enemies in one go, with lots of power!

Good luck in your upcoming Bakugan battle, and make sure to check out any other games this category has to offer if it's your first time in it!

How to play:

Use arrows, spacebar.

Tips and Tricks:

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