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Game Description:

Battle Robot T Rex Age is a great puzzle game that has on our site. This game is developed by developed by Hanny N.S. Battle Robot T Rex Age has unique graphics, clear sound that suitable for children of all ages.

In the game, an evil villain wants to destroy your city. Your task in here is to must build a mighty T-rex robot to stop him! But first, you must assemble your robot. This involves matching the pieces together like a jigsaw. Once you have created your robot, you must train it! During training, you can get to grips with the battle mechanics.

After assembly, you will control the T-rex robot for battle. During each battle, you can use four different attack categories. Each attack is effective against certain things, and weak against others - listen to the hints from your assistant and try to anticipate your enemy’s moves. As you progress you can unlock new weapons and upgrades.

The Attack mechanics in Battle Robot T Rex Age

Kick/Bite: Effective against flame and missile attacks, ineffective against the counter and special attack.
Counter: Effective against kick and bite, ineffective against flame, missile, and special attack.
Missile/flame: Effective against the counter, ineffective against the kick, bite, and special attack.
Special attack: Effective against all.

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How to play:

Drag left click to assemble the robot's pieces and use left click to choose an attack.

Tips and Tricks:

- You can turn the sound on/off on the game screen
- Try to complete your missions as fast as you can.


Battle Robot T Rex Age on site


With interesting gameplay and graphics, Battle Robot T-Rex Age will bring you exciting moments. If you like this game then try it right now. This game also has many other features awaiting you to explore. Good luck and have fun!


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