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Game Description:

Hi Kids!

Welcome to a new great game that is called Buddy Big Campout Adventure. This game is added today on our site Dinosaursgames.net. This is an online adventure game. The game has beautiful graphics and funny sounds that very suitable for little children that love dinosaur.

In the game, you will be playing with the main character named Bubby dinosaur. Bubby is one of the Dinosaur Train characters, he has an adventure and desperately needs your help. During this adventure, because he needs to collect some things and you are the only ones that can help him.

Your Bubby character will have an adventure with a lot of levels. In each level, you will have different missions and challenges. And for each these mission, you have to collect different items such as 5 purple flower, 5 leaves, 5 branches of the tree, 5 bees, or 5 tomatoes...However to collect these items, you will have to pass all the dangers and all the obstacles, so you have to avoid all the other dinosaurs, rocks or puddles in order to keep Buddy from Dinosaur Train safe, and that means that you will have to jump whenever you see the danger.

The controls in the game are very easy. Dinosaurs will automatically run, you just need to use the mouse or arrow keys to control dinosaurs jumping up or down to overcome obstacles.

Besides this game, you can enjoy some similar games with the same gameplay such as Dinosaur Train Flying With, Buddy's Amazin Adventure...

How to play:

Use your mouse or arrow keys to play this game

Tips and Tricks:

Avoid all obstacles on the way to collect all items as quickly as possible


Buddy Big Campout Adventure on Dinosaursgames.net


If you are looking to have a fun time, you are in the right place here on our site and we invite you to check out this super cool Buddy Big Campout Adventure game in which, as you can see, you actually get to play with a dinosaur so of course that we hope you are going to have a fun time and we are very happy to offer you the chance to play this Buddy Big Campout Adventure and many other dinosaur games on our site. We always desire you had a fun time with the free dinosaur games on Dinosaursgames.net. Have fun!


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