Game Description:

About Bull Run

Bull Run is an online interesting game. With beautiful 3D graphics and simple gameplay, this game is suitable for all ages. You can play this game in your browser for free!

In this bull simulator, you control an angry bull in this bustling farm and look to cause maximum chaos! you control the cows running around the farm, paying attention to dangerous obstacles. On the way, you can recharge with pets: chickens, pigs, and fruit...

Your cows will run nonstop, s you can jump, slide, run fast, run slowly ... to dodge the obstacles on the road like the barricade, stone, fire circle ...

Now, the Angry bull is ready to trample down in farm destruction games. Multiple actions packed the game with angry bull fighting simulator game. Join this game and have fun!

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Tips and Tricks:

- You can turn the sound on/off on the game screen.
- You can zoom the screen too large or small to play

How to play:

Use the arrow left and right keys to run.

Press spacebar to jump over obstacles.

Tips and Tricks:

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