Cemetery Warrior

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Game Description:

Cemetery Warrior Game.
The monsters from hell are surfacing and are spawning all over the cemetery. It's your job to obliterate them and not let them roam over the world. Stop them once and for all! Cemetery Warrior is definitely the best 3D shooting game you have played in the last period so let's get to the work right now and show off you shooting skills in order to become the best shooter possible. This game is going to happen in one of the hellish places possible, in the cemetery, but this is going to be a kind of haunted cemetery with secret chambers and different races of demons which are going to attack your shooting her and which really want your soul to belong them. There will also be a burning cross in the middle of this cemetery so that is going to be the control point. Let's get to the work right now and do not hesitate to become one of the most incredible shooter. Use the arrows in order to move and the SPACE bar in order to jump and the mouse in order to aim the demons in the head and to start shooting and killing them. Get to the work right now and become the best in this new and so amazing shooting game in the middle of the cemetery. Get to the work right now and become the best and a real legend in this cemetery shooting game, alongside this special hero!
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How to play:

Mouse- Shoot

The arrows- Move
P- Pause
L- Toggle Mouse Lock

Tips and Tricks:

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