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Game Description:

Play free game Chomp Sewey: Sewey Chomp is one of the most fascinating places in the category in which you use arrows to feed the hungry giant crocodile. Chomp Sewey is the game where you have to do everything possible to feed the crocodile, otherwise it will get sick, you die after you have to start from the beginning, all progress until then been lost. You need to concentrate and eat or flying, crawling or walking on their own feet. Crocodile is not picky about food, so all you have to do is to jump with him or you lean to be able to grab food properly. This game is the levels, each with its own degree of difficulty and as you pass each level, the next is unlocked and will be increasingly difficult. Watch out for obstacles and pitfalls that you are available during the game. Usually these are electric eels, which looks very good with some fish and that if you try to eat them will shock you, which means you'll lose points. Your score is recorded at the bottom. Look at everything that moves and focus to get a high score.

How to play:

Use the arrow keys.

Tips and Tricks:

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