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Game Description:

About Chrome Dino Run

Play online Chrome Dino Run at - the site for all online dinosaur games. You can also play for free on the browser or mobile phone. Chrome Dino Run is an amazing endless running game that we are sure you will like its gameplay. With this game, you will have two choices to play. The first is that you can access the Google website and you don't have internet. Secondly, you can experience this game on our website anytime you want, on condition that your computer has an internet connection.

In the Chrome Dino Run game, your task is to control a T-Rex dinosaur and run as far as possible. When the dinosaurs run, your score will increase. Your dinosaurs will keep running, so you just need to use some space-like keys or arrow ups to control dinosaurs jumping over obstacles along the way. Obstacles are cactus with different heights. So when your dinosaurs jump, you need to pay attention to your time and distance between dinosaurs and cactus. If you crash into a cactus, you will die and play again. The more you run away the more points you get. An interesting thing about this game is that there is no limit, so you will play until you die.

Chrome Dino Run game is a fun way to entertain during idle time. Although the game is very simple once you play this game you will like it. You can play it on a desktop or mobile device. And it doesn't matter whether you play online or offline. You can play Chrome Dino Run game whenever you want. We hope that you will enjoy playing this game.

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How to play:

Use Space/arrow up to start the game/jump.

Tips and Tricks:

- Try to survive as long as you can
- T-Rex will automatically run, just pay attention to the obstacles ahead.
- The distance between T Rex and the obstacles is very important.
- Don't wait too close to the obstacles to jump, because you can't avoid the next obstacle.

Chrome Dino Run on site

On our website that provide countless dinosaur games online for free, including Chrome Dino Run. Just go to the website and play the game you want without having to install anything. On our site, you can enjoy this interesting game by your way and nothing can stop you. Hope you have the great moments on our site! Now join this game, claim that you are the best and show your skills to your friends by scoring the highest score!


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