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Game Description:

Combine Dino Robot

Welcome to the Combine Dino Robot game, you can play it and enjoy for free at our website - website for all dinosaur games online. Combine Dino Robot is an assembly dino robot game in which your task is to combine a powerful robot dinosaur Terra Green.

Join in this game on our website is called Combine Dino Robot, and it is one of the most recent games our team is very happy to have brought into the Dinosaur Train Games category on our website, where we know that there are a lot of really great and fun games to play, one more interesting than the other, which is why we know that you are going to have a real blast playing this game on our website, right now! Because for sure you want to know what you have to do in the game, we invite you to read the next part of the description to find out everything!

Build another dino robot in Combine! Terra Green. This skill challenge demands no mechanic knowledge, only ability to solve puzzles. Each part has to be assembled to create the dinosaur Terra Green in a robot version. This dino may be combined only by clicking and dragging its parts to their respective shadows. Start with the first pieces given and only stop when it's complete and moving. Once combined, this creature will finally be able to provide a good show of all its abilities as a special dino. A hero or a villain, that's for another chapter of this futuristic story.

If you like dinosaur and robot then try assembling a large and powerful robot dinosaur. Mount all parts of this dinosaur robot with which you can move around using the mouse control. Combine Dino Robot belongs to those create characters games that we have selected for you.

Combine Dino Robot Features:

- It’s free forever
- Awesome pictures, experience high quality graphics both in robot building and fighting
- Easy game control, just press and tap
- Three unique forms with technological transformations, Dinosaur Form, Robot Form and Fighter Form, are waiting for you to assemble
- Endless battle mode with unlimited ammo, play as long as you can, delivering hours of fun for you

Have fun, free play game on!

How to play:

Use mouse to play this game.

Tips and Tricks:

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