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This is new game free on our website if you are big fans of tinkerbell than you surely know all the movies which are with here, because they are a lot of them, and one of the most interesting ones is the one with the pirate fairy,zarina, because in that one tinkerbell and her friends realy go through all kind of adventures, and one of the interesting facts that happen during these adventures of theirs is that rosetta breaks a crocodile egg, and crocky, the cute little crocodile baby thinks about her as his mother and loves her very much. this thing is holding rosetta back at first because crocky follows her everywhere, but later on it seems he is very usefull because he saves rosetta, his mommy, and all the fairies from the mean pirates who don’t even have a chance against cute little crocky. so in this fun tinkerbell game you are controlling crocky and you have to help him find all the keys and save all the fairies, because when he saves a fairy he unlocks a special powers which will help you a lot . good luck!

How to play:

Use the ARROW KEYS to move and jump and SPACE for other actions.

Tips and Tricks:

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