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Game Description:

Hi Friends! Today we continue to bring to you another new game on our website. This game is called Crocodile Simulator Beach Hunt that is created by HGames.
In this action simulator game, you are a hungry crocodile and hunt food at the beach, where includes people humans, squid, dolphin, and even a big whale. With interesting gameplay and unique graphics, I believe Crocodile Simulator Beach Hunt will bring you exciting moments. This game has many bloody scenes, and not for kids.

Entering the game, you can choose one of two beaches to play include Play Beach 1 and Play Beach 2. You will be controlling a Crocodile that can’t bear Hunger. As a natural instinct, this crocodile will go on hunting for food. You are able to hunt in a beach sight that looks like an attraction of a tourist industry. Everything seems normal until you as a crocodile appear. There are plenty of living creatures swimming in the cool water. As soon as your food bar start decreasing, you will need to hunt for food.
As I said above, there are two beaches in the game. If you are interested in how to play in these beaches like? Then I will give you specific details

- Play Beach 1: In here, there are many levels. Each level is a challenge for you such as "kill 5 humans" to feed your crocodile. You need to find your target as soon as possible. Note: On the left side of the screen, there will be a food bar. If you eat more and more food, this food bar will show a gradual increase in percentage. And conversely, if you eat less, the percentage of this food bar will decrease and you will lose and the game will end. So eat everything in your way and keep the killing spree going.
- Play Beach 2: On this beach, you start playing from the 3rd level. At here, you need to kill 5 humans and other sea creatures like squid, dolphin, whale ...There are many different choices that you can make, but you will need to follow the taskbar appearing at the top of the screen. That taskbar will guide you and give you the required mission so you won’t be playing the game without any purpose. One thing that we need to mention is the remarkable Graphics of Crocodile Simulator Beach Hunt. Graphics designed in vivid 3D style, the game will bring you the feeling as real. If you choose to play in Beach 2, you will have even more chances to explore the entire sights of Crocodile Simulator Beach Hunt.

The game will bring you a lot of interesting experiences that
allows you to swim, slither and crawl you have to observe the prey on the beach, where the humans are bathing, sharks looking for food ... Do everything you can become rampage, chaos, blood on the beach. Because your Crocodile has a very big appetite and wants to attack a lot. Cause as much damage as you can. You can only spread terror in water. If you don't feed your powerful alligator, he gets hungry and won't survive. So please enjoy the game and become the greatest Crocodile in the game.
There are many interesting things waiting for you to discover. Good luck and have fun!

Game Features:

- Awesome 3D Visuals and Sound Effects
- Grab your victim in the mighty jaws to kill him instantly like a great evil underwater predator who is thirsty for blood
- The best beast unlimited simulator in 2019.

How to play:

Use WASD keys to move your Crocodile,
Press Space to attack.

Tips and Tricks:

- Press space bar to attack and swift your attack speed in ocean sea.

- When the food bar reaches its lowest amount, your crocodile will die as it starves.

- If you want to swim or crawl faster, press Spacebar.

- Moving your crocodile around the beach area will have many people there.


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