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Game Description:

Today, on our page you will enjoy a great new game. This game is called Cyber Champions Arena. This is an arena battle game, where you will control one of the Cyber robots to fight the other opponent. The game has beautiful graphics that are connected to dynamic sounds that will give you a great experience while playing. Are you ready for this fight? Let's get started!

In the game, you control a Cyber robot. Your mission is, by all means, defeating your opponent with your powerful blows. You just need to use the mouse and click on your opponent to damage him. The more damage you do to your opponent, the more rewards you will receive.
During the battle, you can install weapons on your character's back so it can fire. Plus, you can also fit the body parts into your character to make it stronger.

The game has many matches for you to experience. Your health bar will appear on the game screen. Once you are attacked by the enemy, your health will decrease. So try every way to win all these matches.

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How to play:

Use your mouse to play this game
Click behind of your character to move backward,
Click in front of your character to run,
Click on the shield to protect,
Click on the enemy to hit him.

Tips and Tricks:

You can turn on/off the sound on the game screen.

You can locally save or online save.

Continuously damaging the opponent with strikes, you will easily receive victory in the match.


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