Cyber Dog Assembly

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Game Description:

About Cyber Dog Assembly:

A great new game on the theme of assembling baby toy robots is introduced to us today. The game is assembled with the Cyber Dog Assembly robot.

First is the assembly: This is where you get every piece of the parts of your robot before it gets discarded. You need to follow the steps to assemble. Use the mouse to click on the pieces, drag, and drop it correctly. Assembly each piece of Cyber Dog, for he to continue showing his strength! In order to complete this assembly, you need to focus and have a quick action. Quick hand-eye is essential at this time.

The next step, control the robot to avoid the bombs of battle, fight obstacles and how to shoot.

Finally, take the ultimate challenge and make your dog unique, by choosing colors and textures for him.

Can say Cyber Dog Assembly is a very interesting game, if you love this game, then try it now! We hope you enjoy it and come back here to play more games on our website! Play Cyber Dog Assembly and start creating your mecha! Please enjoy and share with your friends!

How to play:

Use the mouse to play this game.

Tips and Tricks:

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