Dilophosaurus Hunting

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Game Description:

About Dilophosaurus Hunting Game:

Dilophosaurus Hunting is a game about dinosaur hunting other animals, with beautiful graphics, great content we will provide you for free today on Dinosaursgames.net. The game has 10 interesting levels in which you need to complete different missions in allotted time. This game revolves around the dinosaur Dilophosaurus, which is a carnivorous dinosaur with the characteristic that it has two rounded edges. Your task in this game is to control this dinosaur through many levels of play and eat animals like zebras, lions, hippos, rhinos and many more. Use your control skills to control the Dilophosaurus dinosaurs to approach those animals and eat them, note if in a hurry those prey will run away. Therefore, try to stalk prey through the dense bushes to avoid detection and be very careful. Good luck and have fun!

How to play:

The arrow keys or ASDW - movement; E - attack / eat; ESC - pause.

Tips and Tricks:

- Try to control and hunt all the prey in the game
- When hunting targets, pay attention to other targets.
- Take a look around, and be very careful to catch the fastest and most effective prey, avoiding its run.
- Try to complete all the objectives set by the game

* Dilophosaurus Hunting Game on Dinosaursgames.net site

Dilophosaurus Hunting is game an interesting dinosaur  and you can play it at Dinosaursgames.net with your friends for free. We offer you many qualities unblocked online dinosaur games, all for free. So you can play any game you want and anywhere. Play now!

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