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Game Description:

This is Dino ATV Adventures 3D game at Dinosaursgames.net - website for all dinosaur games online. You can play this game in your browser or mobile for free. This dino ATV driving game is a game that lets you try what it takes to become a real-life speed racing expert and learn how to drive your own ATV. If you are a simulation game lover, you are in luck. Ride your ATV through the dino-infested jungle!

This is one of the best adventurous actions racing game. Before entering the race, there are two modes that you can choose to enter the race. That online saves mode and local save mode. There is 10 ATV car with different colors such as blue, white, moss, brown...You can choose one of them for your race.

Your task is to drive through the forests to find the perfect place to park your ATV car. Go quickly in the direction of the arrow, the faster you park your car, the more points you will earn and you quickly step through the next level.

Be careful: Because there are many obstacles on the way such as trees, rocks, and scary dinosaurs.

The game has 40 levels, each stage is the challenge for you to overcome. Try to cross the 40 levels you will be the winner of the game.

Test your driving experience with the super-fast quad ride on exciting off-road experience with huge dino world. It is very dangerous when you are riding your car in Jurassic jungle and dino is rushing behind you to attack.
The game has perfect graphics that will impress you. You’ll have to use all your hand-eye skills to survive for long in this authentic killer of a game.

Special features:

- One of the best monster games
- Easy to control but hard to master.
- Multiple levels, kick-ass graphics, and exciting challenges.
- Player gets to drive authentic ATVs and try to outrun the prehistoric dinosaurs.
- 40 amazingly realistic 3D stunt parking situations

How to play:

Use the arrow keys to drive your ATV car.

Tips and Tricks:

- Follow the arrows to find the parking space. 

- Press the camera icon to best view the course.

- Carefully follow the rules and move towards the parking lot, a white arrow on the motorcycle hood will show you the direction. If you see an animal, go round it, do not hit the trees or stones, otherwise, the level will have to start again.

For exemple:

Level 2: Skillfully get to the objective
Level 3: Avoid the tree's and park

Dino ATV Adventures 3D on Dinosaursgames.net site

Try to become a best ATV bike racer and playing such a type of new generation ATV riding game. We welcome you to the world of dinosaurs and t-rex for thrill drive of the ATV. In ATV race game simulator you become a legend of the off-road tracks and prepare for the classic quad bike racing missions. Start playing the game now! We hope you would love this game, enjoy free play new game on Dinosaurgames.net!


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