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Game Description:

Dino Dig Site is the name of yet another awesome game that our administrative team is very happy to share with you all in the Dino Dana Games category, which is a new category of games that we are going to be working very hard on these few days since we want to make sure that nowhere else you can find such awesome games with these characters, and something tells us that we will be able to make good on this promise like we made with all of our promises. Now, let's get to explaining what you have to do in Dino Dig Site so that you can let the fun begin with it immediately! You are going to go all around the world looking for dinosaur fossils so that they are then put in museums. Before each level, you are shown the dinosaur you are looking for, and get information about it as well. Click where you want to go with the character, and when you spot a fossil, use the mouse to dig, and dig as deep as it is necessary to find as many bones as you can. Keep digging until all of the bones of the dinosaur are found, and then move to the next part of the world, and search for another species. Good luck to everyone!

How to play:

Use the mouse to play game

Tips and Tricks:

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