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Game Description:

Welcome to the Dino Donkey Dash game. Dino Donkey Dash is a fun online adventure game. This is an exciting game based on the popular Gumball episode "The Quest". In the game, Tina is a huge angry dinosaur who stole the little donkey and disappeared into its lair terrible. The two Gambian and Darwinian characters have to save the donkey out of Tina's cave. And their adventure begins.

After logging in to the game, you can select 1 player or 2 player mode. You start the game by clicking on the appropriate one. Because The game can be played in one player mode but was also designed with the added dimension of a two-player mode so that friends can work their way through the challenges together.

The game has several stages, each stage you will have a number of different tasks. At stage one, you will need skill and agility to move all challenges. That's you will have to hit the arrow keys and the right time so as to be able to make the right steps in the right moments. Otherwise, that dinosaur is watching you do not hear that want to get in his face. By all means, you have to try to reach the end of the route.

At stage 2, you must go to the warehouse, where a pile of scrap metal, you should quietly slip through the monster. Press the appropriate button, they will appear on the screen and watch the indicator noise. If it is rising too high and little dinosaur wakes you just do not find it.

At stage 3, after saving the donkey from the tina dinosaur, you need to run away from there. The dinosaur got up, and it was chasing you. You need to dodge obstacles in the path.
In each of your adventures will show the score you gain in the game. Give of your best to reach the top of the best players because the only way you show everyone that you are able.

How to play:

Use the arrow keys to play this game

Tips and Tricks:

- You can turn off the sound on the game screen

- Try to finish by the highest scoring sections.

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