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Game Description:

Dino Evolution

Play Dino Evolution for free online at Dinosaursgames.net - website for all dinosaur games online. Dino Evolution is a battle card game in which your task is to use your dino cards and evolve your creatures so that yours are the strongest. Defeat your opponents with your dinosaurs.

Do you love dino card? Do you love dinosaur games? If you do, then Dino Evolution game is the perfect game for you.

In the game, there are 33 levels, strategic, battle card game in 3 area zones with 10 levels in each. Along with the levels for each zone, there is a boss too. The game contains a total of 6 card decks to choose (3 can be unlocked), and the ability to get 3 super rare cards after completing each area zone. Try to beat the opponent with better attack cards. The idea is to buy cards, and either stacks them as a capacity card (egg stack) or place them in the middle to defend/attack. Of course, you have to build up enough eggs to support the 'cost' of each card, placed in the middle. To win the game, defeat the enemy until his HP is equaled zero or less.

If you are bored and you are feeling the boredom then try this great game on our website. Join in Dino Evolution game, you have to remember that using the mouse is going to be more than necessary for you to accomplish successfully this awesome game but also you will need a lot of intelligence and mental accuracy because you must think a lot while you are doing this task!

There are many dinosaur games that you can choose which include dinosaur puzzle and dinosaur memory card, etc. Although these dinosaur games are for kids, girls and boys that love playing this game help them to boost their concentration. Please enjoy and have fun!

How to play:

A typical battle card game, that you can play by using the mouse (click and drag system). Read the instructions for detailed information and card rules.

Tips and Tricks:

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