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Game Description:

* About Dino Forest

Hi kids!

Please visit Dinosaursgames.net's site today to enjoy a great new game called Dino Forest. This is an interesting platform game, in which you control a cute little dinosaur, jump over different platforms to collect eggs and avoid all obstacles along the way. You can play this game in your browser, mobile or tablet for free. This game has an interesting sound, and we think it will give you a great experience.

Before starting the game, you need to choose for yourself a dinosaur character. There is three little dinosaur character that you can choose, each with different features. These include Doux (can double-jump), Vita (the fastest) and Mort (can shoot fireballs). After completing the selection, it's time for your adventure to begin.

Control your dinosaurs jumping through platforms to collect dinosaur eggs. Your challenge here is to avoid some dinosaurs such as Triceratops, Pteranodon... and avoid falling into the water. For dinosaur Mort you choose, you can fire sparks on other dinosaurs, which are hindering your way.

Unlike other dinosaur games, this game has no score and it has only one level throughout the game. Your task is to jump as far as possible. Although Dino Forest is very simple to play, that doesn't mean the game will be easy. You will have to deal with platforms moving up and down. In addition, the platforms are far away from each other and are not at the same height, so you will have to calculate accurately for each time you jump to the next platforms.

Besides this game, you can also play similar games like Dinosaur Runner.

How to play:

Use "A" key or "left arrow" key to move left
Use the "D" key or "right arrow" key to move right
Press UP ARROW KEY to jump
Use "F" KEY or left click to shoot

Tips and Tricks:

You need to calculate exactly for each time you jump, because the platforms have different low heights, and it can move up or down.

Try to jump as far as you can.


* Dino Forest on Dinosaursgames.net


There are many Dino Forest sites for you to play, but if at some point you have problems while playing, then you can go to Dinosaursgames.net site to enjoy without having to worry about whatever. You can play this game wherever you want from a home to school, park to the bus, etc. In addition, this site also has a full collection of online dinosaur games, dragon games, coloring dinosaur games, images and names of dinosaurs ... So come and enjoy any game you want. Have fun!


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