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Game Description:

Dino Hunting is a game where your objective will be to hunt down all of the dinosaurs in your proximity. All you have to do is aim well and then shoot. Most of the dinosaurs won't be killed after the first show, so you need to shoot them multiple times. There's also another problem - the dinosaurs will try to catch your smell whenever you shoot. If they manage to do so, they will charge you. After that, you will only have a few seconds to kill them. If you fail to do so, you die and will thus have to repeat the level. The game is divided into two locations with each offering a ton of levels that will keep you occupied.

How to play:

- Left mouse button to shoot
- Right-click to aim
- R to reload
-L to lock the pointer
-1 || 2 to exchange weapons

Tips and Tricks:

- Shoot precise targets

- When you hit the target, pay attention to other targets.

- Look around if you don't want dinosaurs to attack you again.

- Please complete all the objectives set by the game to achieve the highest score

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