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Game Description:

Dino Jigsaw

Hi kids! Today we are very happy to bring you a great new dinosaur game. This is a game that we think young kids will especially love. Can you guess what game it is? Let me tell you, the new game you're about to play right now is called Dino Jigsaw. This is a genre of dinosaur puzzle games, very suitable for all young kids who love dinosaurs. Before enjoying this game, let's find out this game!

Entering the game, you get to choose the cutest dinosaurs. There are 9 images you can choose, they are Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Allosaurus ... You can choose any image you want among them. After selecting any dinosaur image, you will then choose the number of puzzle pieces. There are 4 choices for you. You can choose 16 puzzle pieces, 36 puzzle pieces, 64 puzzle pieces, and 100 puzzle pieces. All are in order from easy to difficult.

After you have finished selecting the dinosaur image and the number of pieces grafted. And now is the time for you to perform the game's mission. Your task is to assemble all the pieces to arrange a complete dinosaur image. All of these pieces were disturbed. So use the mouse to pull these pieces together. The game has several features on the bottom of the game screen. By clicking on these icons, you can rotate puzzle pieces left or right, up or down. You can also click on another feature, which will help you visualize the dinosaur image so you can easily assemble them.

Above is the information about the game Dino Jigsaw that we introduced to you. We think you will like this awesome dinosaur puzzle game and will help you improve your spatial skills while playing! Such puzzle games are designed to suit preschool-age children and encourage them to learn from each activity. Come on now enjoy this game!

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How to play:

Use your mouse to play this game

Tips and Tricks:

You can turn on or turn off the sound on the game screen
You can press the back button to start a new game
Try to fit each puzzle piece as quickly as possible


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