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Game Description:

Explore the fascinating prehistoric world of the dinosaurs! Dino Park Coloring is simple and engaging FREE
coloring book app that will keep children, from kindergarten to grade three, captivated for hours while
stimulating their imaginations and teaching them valuable skills.
• 39 basic colors that can be mixed to create new colors
• Engages and de-stresses children
• Stimulates creativity and interest in science
• Teaches children to respect boundaries
• Practice using and understanding touchscreen tools
Parents and caregivers can obtain peace of mind knowing their children are engaged by an app that is 
both charming and educational. Dinosaurs have always triggered the imaginations of children. And kids 
who grow up fascinated with these prehistoric beasts often go on to develop interests in other areas of
science, like geology or history. This is great for parents who want to stimulate their child’s interest in
science at an early age.
Coloring dinosaurs is an effective way for children to express themselves through art. It allows them
to vent emotions and calm down after a stressful day at school. At the same time, coloring teaches
children about respecting boundaries and gives them a sense of accomplishment by completing coloring
milestones. Through this app, parents can give set their children on the first steps towards a successful 
academic career.
Children can enjoy experimenting and playing with mixing colors to make new colors. By better
understanding the makeup of colors, children are better prepared to understand the full spectrum of
We hope you would love this game, enjoy free play new game on dinosaursgames.net. have fun!!!

How to play:

Use mouse to play this game.

Tips and Tricks:

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