Dino Rage Defense

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Game Description:

Dino Rage Defense

Play Dino Rage Defense free strategy game now on Dinosaursgames.net. You can play it in your browser or mobile as well.

Dino Rage Defense is an interesting game! In the game, the scientists manage to clone dinosaurs. But then, something goes wrong. The successful experiment turns into a real threat to all humankind as giant animals begin to attack people. Your task is to have to protect your base against hordes of bloodthirsty Jurassic dinosaurs. At your disposal is a wide range of modern weaponry, but your composure and strategic thinking are essential ingredients for success.

Dino Rage Defense Features

- Game language: English
- 40 progressively challenging levels
- 2 military campaigns
- 3 difficulty modes
- Wide selection of weaponry
- In-game workshop and all kinds of upgrades
- Classic tower defense mode
- FREE Jurassic game

Join this game and discover Dino Rage Defense, a challenging tower defense game, and protect your base against hordes of prehistoric creatures! Strategically place weapons and watch them defend against wave after wave of dinos. Pause the game to re-think your strategy, upgrade your weapons, and continue the game whenever you're ready. Can you survive the dinos? Find out as you play Dino Rage Defense!

If you like this game then try to play it once now! Our team are always looking for the best games ever to give you the chance to play with and in this Dino Rage Defense game we can promise you that you are going to have a good time. Good luck!

How to play:

Use your mouse to play this game!

Tips and Tricks:

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