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Game Description:

Dino Robot Dino Corps is this wonderful sequel of the famous game. It's developed by TheFlashFirstFox. The game has beautiful graphics and funny sound that suitable for children of all ages.

Entering the game, there are 10 different dino robots such as Tyrrano Red, Tricera Blue, Ptera Green, Stego Gold, Smilodon Black, Lightning Pariseau, Knight Ankylo, Deep Plesio, and Tyranno Heavy Shooter. Your task is to select one of them and assemble.

- Tyrrano Red: It's one of the famous dinosaurs that loved by children. Assemble all parts of this robot such as head part, body, foot by clicking and dragging the scattered parts become a complete Tyrrano Red robot. After completing the assembly, you can try its fighting ability.

- Knight Ankylo: Why Ankylo is called a knight? Because he has very special armor that you can't mistake for other dinosaurs. The armor of this dinosaur has a very good defense against the attack of the enemy. Let's assemble it!

- Ptera Green: Assemble the wings for Petera so that it becomes the most special dinosaur.

- Tyrrano+Tricera: This is an interesting combination between the Tyrrano and Triecra.

And assemble other dino robots such as Tricera Blue, Dtego Gold, Smilodon Black, Lightning Pariseau, Deep Plesio, Tyranno Heavy Shooter.

Each one of them has its original pack and separated in many pieces.

Playing this game will make your hearts leap for joy. If you are interested in this game, you can also play similar games as Battle Robot T Rex Age, Apatosaurus Dino Robot, Stegosaurus Dino Robot, Ninja Parasau Dino Robot, Deep Plesio Repair Dino...

How to play:

Use your mouse to play this game.

Tips and Tricks:

- If you don’t like the sound of this game, you can turn the sound off. How to do that? Very easy! Just turn it off on the game screen.

- If you play on your PC, you can't assemble two dinosaurs Deep Plesio and Tyranno Heavy Shooter. They are for mobile applications only.

- Try to assemble all these dinosaurs, all of them is very interesting!


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