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Game Description:

Dino Robot Repair Ceratosaurus Game

Hi, dinosaur fan!

We know that you love dinosaurs and dinosaur games online. So right now, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a new game called Dino Robot Repair Ceratosaurus. Your mission in this game is to repair the Ceratosaurus dinosaur robot so it's ready for the upcoming battle.

As you know, Ceratosaurus is a very large and powerful dinosaur. In this game, he was damaged because he was fighting another dinosaur. Right now, he needs help from you so he can recover quickly and prepare for the next match.

Right now, in the middle of this repair lab, let's get started on the work now. Please remove all damaged steel pieces and different spots on his body. There are so many things damaged so you can recover him. Starting with the cleaning of the Ceratosaurus robot body, then you have to replace damaged steel pieces. The game allows you to use the mouse to play. Use the mouse to click on different tools and items to perform repair work such as welding lamp holes, check other devices.

Can you fix the broken Ceratosaurus in this exciting game? Follow the instructions in the game like cleaning, refueling ... for dinosaur robots. If you like this game, then you can play some similar games such as Dino Robot Repair T Rex Cops, Pachycephalo Repair Dino robot, Gallimimus Dino Robot Repair ...

How to play:

Use your mouse to play this game.

Tips and Tricks:

You can turn on/off the sound on the game screen

Follow the instructions in the game you will quickly complete the repair quickly.


Dino Robot Repair Ceratosaurus on Dinosaursgames.net


Dino Robot Repair Ceratosaurus is currently available on our Dinosaursgames.net. You can play this game for free and without being blocked. Such as robot dinosaur games, dinosaur games have many different genres like dinosaur digging game, dinosaur adventure game, dinosaur coloring game ... Each genre has its own characteristics and Spend all for those who love dinosaurs. With this game, you will have the opportunity to repair a huge prehistoric robot dinosaur. You will learn the skills to solve problems, quick hand skills ... Now, now is the time to enjoy this game. Have fun!


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