Dino Robot Super Samurai

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Game Description:

Dino Robot Super Samurai Game.
Battle of rangers is an endless running action game.
The world is in danger with the help of samurai rangers you got the power to destroy the enemy monsters.
Collect gold coins to unlock new rangers to play with.
Use your skills to avoid Megazord by jumping high at just the right time.
Rangers dino charge features:
-Fun and cool gameplay
-Stunning graphics
-User Friendly interface
-Many unlockable characters
-Random levels the game is never the same
-Share your score

How far can you go?
This is very addictive and challenging game that will have you spinning around confused!
Compete with your friends and become the best!
Start playing the game now! We hope you would love this game, enjoy free play new game on dinosaursgames.net. thank you for play!

How to play:

Use the arrows to move , SPACE bar to attack.

Tips and Tricks:

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