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Game Description:

* About DinoRoyale.io

Play free fun multiplayer Dinoroyale.io game available on our page Dinosaursgames.net. In the game, the player controls a dinosaur moving around the forest to eat fruit and attack the other dinosaurs to become the king of the forest.

To start the game, choose a name and jump into the game. The game will allow you to hunt in your forest by collecting fruits and other dinosaurs smaller than you. At first, you are young, after eating some fruits and other players, you will gradually grow up and be able to eat bigger dinosaurs.
The game has all 30 dinosaurs, and you will have to compete with all of them to become the lord of this forest. Will you be able to do that?
Note that you need to avoid opponents bigger than you do not become their prey.

DinoRoyale.io is an interesting dinosaur game with its fast-paced gameplay. Beautiful graphics, funny sounds suitable for children of all ages. Join this game to enjoy the experience that the game brings!

How to play:

Use your mouse to play this game!

Tips and Tricks:

- You should move slowly to determine where your opponent is and avoid.
- You should eat fruit before eating other dinosaurs because you are not old enough, you will quickly be consumed and lose because you are not old enough.

* DinoRoyale.io on Dinosaursgames.net site

DinoRoyale.io is a completely new dinosaur game on our site that you can play for free. We offer many different dinosaur games with unblocked versions, just like the DinoRoyale.io game now that you can play anywhere you want, from home to school, to the bus. .. Come here and play the game you want to relax. Have fun!


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