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Game Description:

About Dino Runner

Dino Runner is an exciting endless running game that you can enjoy now. The game has beautiful pictures, funny music that is very suitable for children of all ages. Games can be rewarded in your browser or phone for free.

In the game, you control a cute Stegosaurus dinosaur. Your task is to control it to jump over all obstacles along the way. Your dinosaur will automatically run, it can't stop if there is another object in its way.
There are many challenges on its way such as spikes scattered along the way. You have to jump over all of them, jump as far as you can. The game controls are quite simple, you just need to use space bar or left click to jump. But how does your dinosaur run the farthest? It is a difficult question, it completely depends on you. I think you do not worry about it, just if you focus your mind on this game, you will definitely win.

After each game ends, your results will be displayed. The farther you run, the more points you get. Join this game now and have fun.

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How to play:

The game controls are simple but hard to control.

Use space bar or left click to jump

Tips and Tricks:

Try to jump as far as possible


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