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Game Description:

Help this little dino squad dinosaur to win all the challenges!
How to play the game "
Dino Squad Game"?
In this new dino squad game you’re going to have a really funny time guiding this cute dino sqaud dinosaur around several different levels. The objective is to use your little dino squad cannon to destroy as many blocks as possible.
Work your way through the different levels by aiming your cannon and deciding how much power you need (watch the arrow on the cannon growing bigger and smaller). Leave a message to tell other girls what level you managed to get to!

How to play:

Dino Squad is one of my favorites! We clearly have awesome taste! Come and play more of my fave dinosaur shooting games!
Use the mouse to aim the cannon. - Click to charge and shoot the Dino eggs.
- Clear all the bricks with a limited amount of eggs!
- Earn special eggs by eliminating enough bricks.
- Create your own levels in the level editor.
Clear all the bricks by shooting it with Dino eggs. You can even create your own levels!

Tips and Tricks:

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