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Game Description:

* About Dino Transport Truck Simulator

Today dinosaur lovers have the opportunity to enjoy another game called Dino Transport Truck Simulator. This is a game that we feel most interesting today. So you should not miss such a great game. Dino Transport Truck Simulator is a 3D game, produced by FreezeNova. The player's task is to transport dinosaurs on their trucks and be careful with other dinosaurs moving around.

Start the game, you can choose the game mode to suit you. There are three modes, Practice, Time Trial, and Survival. After selecting the game mode, you will perform your mission immediately afterward. You will drive a truck, and the goods of these trucks are none other than the dinosaurs you transport. You must move carefully, otherwise, large dinosaurs are moving around, they will be easy to destroy you.

The game has 5 levels. For level1, you only have 60 seconds to transport a dinosaur to the zoo. You will drive in the direction of the arrow pointing to go through many different ports.
At level 2, you need to deliver 2 dinosaurs to the dinosaur zoo in 70 seconds.
At level 3, you need to pick 1 dinosaur and deliver it to the dinosaur zoo in 90 seconds.
At level 4, pick 1 dinosaur and deliver it to the dinosaur zoo in 70 seconds.
At the last level, pick 1 dinosaur and deliver it to the dinosaur zoo in 60 seconds.

There are many dinosaurs appearing in this game, such as Tyrannosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Ankylosaurs ...Dino Transport Truck Simulator with beautiful 3D images, you will experience dinosaurs like real life.

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How to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to drive the truck
Press C key to change the camera view
Press Space bar to use handbrake

Tips and Tricks:

You can turn on/off the sound on the game screen

Drive your truck in the direction of the arrow guide in the game, you will succeed in transporting dinosaurs to the zoo.


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Dino Transport Truck Simulator is the game that you can enjoy right on our Dinosaursgames.net page for free without having to worry about anything about the problem of error. You can play Dino Transport Truck Simulator in the browser, phone or tablet. Now play this game with your friends now! Have fun!


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