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Game Description:

About Dinofire

Hi, all the fans of dinosaur games!

We are happy today we bring you a new dinosaur game that we think you will love this game. The game that you will play right now is called Dinofire. This is a very interesting HTML 5 game, developed by Scrirra.com. The game has very cute graphics, with very simple gameplay, suitable for all children of all ages. You can learn this game before enjoying it with your friends.

In this game, you will control a dinosaur to jump through different platforms and avoid enemies and all burning lava. An interesting thing in this game is that there are no scores. You just need to try to control your dinosaur to jump accurately through the platforms. Don't let it fall on the burning lava and other dinosaurs along the way. Throughout the game you just move and jump, the game has no levels. So your goal is to help your dinosaur go as far as possible.

Although the game has very simple but challenging gameplay. Especially the game has many interesting things waiting for you to experience. Come and enjoy it now!
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How to play:

Use the left arrow key to undo
Use the right arrow key to advance
Use UP ARROW KEY to jump.

Tips and Tricks:

You should keep in mind those fire dinosaurs and fire lava they are obstacles that will make you die right from the beginning. So you have to align your jump exactly to avoid touching the fire dinosaurs and burning lava. If you don't want your dinosaur to be burned into a skeleton.

Try to help your dinosaur go as far as possible.


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