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Game Description:

About DinoRun.io

DinoRun.io is an exciting endless running game. It brings you a simple but challenging gameplay with cute graphics that you will be addicted to in the first experience. In this game, you control a dino that runs automatically and your task is to help it jump to dodge the obstacles on the way. This game, you can play it on desktop or mobile using the dino URL, check it out now. We hope that you will like to play this game.

When your dino runs, the score will increase. It will die if it touches flying dinosaurs and cacti. So you can jump to help your dino survive as long as possible. To do this, you can not go wrong, or your dino immediately loses and have to start the game again.

Note that the speed of your dino will increase slowly and the game will become harder.

DinoRun.io a game for color graphics lovers, with a dinosaur in a journey on endless lines. This game has no end point, it is a great game to test your reflexes. Please enjoy and have fun!

Tips & Tricks:

- To achieve a high score, you have to focus on the game screen.
- Jump to dodge obstacles, calculate the distance between your dino and the cactus or flying dinosaurs.
- Do not wait too close to obstacles to jump, because you cannot dodge the next obstacle.

How to play:

Click the mouse to help the dino jump.

Tips and Tricks:

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