Dinosaur Adventure Escape

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Game Description:

Dinosaur Adventure Escape

Welcome to the Dinosaur Adventure Escape game, you can play it and enjoy it at Dinosaursgames.net - website for all dinosaur games online. You can also play it in your browser or mobile as well. Dinosaur Adventure Escape is another point and clicks escape game developed by Escape Games Zone team. Your task in this game is to rescue from the dinosaur eggs by using your smart skills.

In this game you will be in the dinosaurs world and you have to escape. Imagine, one dinosaur is going to searching for the food that time one hunter is to take the eggs. so, please help to rescue with eggs. First you can collect some hidden objects and some hints. It is not simple at all to complete your goal successfully in this game with dinosaurs because it is a challenging game and you need a lot of work to do, but i am sure if you are careful you will be able to accomplish your goal.

And I am sure you love this game with dinosaurs and if you want to reach the podium you have to do your best to escape as fast as you can. You have at the top of the screen the item list. There you will see all the things you have found somewhere in the image. You have to use them to interact with other things and dinosaurs in order to escape from the dinosaur world. At the top next to the items list, you can see also the timer. If you do not succeed to escape as fast as you have thought you can restart the game. Try again and I am sure you can make a better job. In this game, if you focus I am sure you can succeed and reach the top of the best players.

Our team is always looking for the best games ever to give you the chance to play with and in this Dinosaur Adventure Escape game, we can promise you that you are going to have a good time after work the school day. Although the game is a bit difficult we think, if you focus on sure you will play this game successfully. Besides, you are playing the dinosaurs one and that makes it a hundred times more interesting and we are sure you will enjoy yourself in this Dinosaur Adventure Escape game.

Are you play to interesting the rescue with egg escape game? Good luck and have fun!!!

How to play:

Use your mouse to play this game.

Tips and Tricks:

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