Dinosaur Arlo's Journey

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Game Description:

Dinosaur Arlo's Journey

Dinosaur Arlo's Journey is a free Dinosaur Games on Dinosaursgames.net. Here you can play Arlo's Journey. Arlo's Journey is one of our selected The Good Dinosaur Games.

In the game, Arlo the dinosaur and the troglodyte kid in this amazing journey through the Fire Lava Mountain! They must travel through the land of dinosaurs to find the Great Fire Valley. They will face many dangers but together they can make it!

Arlo is an Apatosaurus. A young Apatosaurus. The classic good boy. He was having fun with other apatosaurus and brontosaurus-like him, just playing hide and seek. He was winning this time, he’s not very good at hiding but this time a few hours had passed and no one had founded him yet.
When Arlo finally goes out, he discovers that everyone is gone. No apatosaurus. No brontosaurus. No other dinosaurs. He is completely alone. Grandma apatosaurus always told Arlo: “My good little dinosaur, if something happens in our territory just leave to the Great Fire Valley, everything will be fine there”. So something must have happened and everyone just left to the Great Fire Valley.

Arlo is afraid, he doesn’t like to be alone. Just from nowhere a wild thing appears! What is it? A troglodyte kid! Arlo doesn’t like troglodytes, they are like savages, always throwing rocks and sticks at them. But this one seems nice, and Arlo is a very good dinosaur, he can’t just kick a troglodyte boy. What if he’s alone too? So Arlo takes it as a pet and together they start the journey to the Great Fire Valley. Let’s find all the dinosaurs! Good! And so the adventure begins…

Your task is to run through the fire lava mountains and see how far you can go in this awesome running game. Help good dinosaur Arlo find all his friends in the fire mountains! The journey will be amazing!

The fire lava mountains are full of obstacles you should avoid. Run, jump, slide, dodge and jump again through all of them and keep running collecting all the gold coins.
Use powerups to cheat death. Use the coins to upgrade the powerups.

Usually, all the dinosaurs are good, but in the mountains, there is also a T-Rex (tyrannosaurus rex), not so friendly. You should run if you see it. T-Rex are bullies that will eat your lunch.

* Dash and dodge as fast as you can!
* Swipe to do lightning fast acrobatics!
* Awesome powerups!
* Good Arlo the dinosaur and a troglodyte kid!
* Fire! Lava!
* Apatosaurus! Brontosaurus! Tyrannosaurus!
* Endless runner infinite fun! And Free!

This game is perfect for the family. Children, kids, boys, girls, adults. Everyone!

How to play:

Use mouse to play this game.

Tips and Tricks:

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