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Game Description:

Dinosaur Blaster Game.
No shields. No extra health. No bosses. Just you, the dinosaurs, and the pursuit of a high score. Dinosaurs are a diverse group of animals of the clade Dinosauria. They first appeared during the Triassic period, 231.4 million years ago, and were the dominant terrestrial vertebrates for 135 million years, from the start of the Jurassic (about 200 million years ago) until the end of the Cretaceous (66 million years ago),[1] when the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event led to the extinction of most dinosaur groups at the end of the Mesozoic Era. The fossil record indicates that birds are modern feathered dinosaurs, having evolved from theropod ancestors during the Jurassic Period.[2] Birds were the only dinosaurs to survive the extinction event that occurred 66 million years ago.
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How to play:

Use the arrows to move, Space bar to shoot.

Tips and Tricks:

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