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Game Description:

Hi kids!

If you are a dinosaur fan and dinosaur fossil digging games then the game we bring to you today will be a game that you can't miss. It is called Dinosaur Bone Digging. This is a puzzles games, Dinosaur Bone Digging has unique graphics, funny sounds that suitable for children of all ages. You can experience this game on any modern web browser.

Just like its name, Dinosaur Bone Digging is all about digging the dinosaur bones. Entering the Jurassic Park, your task is to dig and collect bones of ancient dinosaurs and other fossils - clean dino bones and collect them by playing a game to find dinosaurs!

The game has many maps for you to experience digging and collecting dinosaur bones. And you will start at the first level. After you finish with one level, the game will unlock the next level so you can enjoy even more.

Each map you must dig fossils of different species. For example at map 1, you will dig and collect the bones of Stegosaurus dinosaurs. The game will give you some tools like axes, chisels, brooms ... You will use these tools to dig and collect fossils of dinosaurs that are underground. After you have completed digging and collecting bones, you will have the next task of assembling these fossil parts so that it becomes a complete fossil set, which includes the head bone and bone tail, leg bone ...At the end of this mission, you will receive a beautiful picture of the cute dinosaur Stegosaurus.
Next at map 2, Your mission this time is to collect fossils Triceratops dinosaur in the ocean. You will be provided with a ship with a number of tools to cater for your expedition. Use the mouse to control the fishing rod and pick up some fossils that are deep beneath the ocean. Interestingly, the ocean not only has fossils of dinosaurs but also includes many other sea creatures such as fish, snails, corals ... So you need to click mouse exactly to pick up the fossil, avoid to grab fish, snails, and some other items. After completing the collection of dinosaur fossils, the next task is that you need to assemble this fossil set. You will assemble fossil parts to become a complete dinosaur fossil set. At the end of the expedition, you will receive a beautiful picture from the cute dinosaur Triceratops.
...And there are many other maps in the game waiting for you to explore.

With Dig dinosaur bones games that will enable you to learn about archaeology and dinosaurs in an entertaining and exciting way! Besides, the game brings a lot of educational and cognitive benefits, such as logical thinking, concentration, and problem-solving skills...When you play dig for dinosaur bone and play fishing games to pull out fossil bones using a fishing rod. This is will train many important skills such as memory, hand-eye coordination to name just a few. So, grab this shape puzzle with animals and have fun solving puzzles alone or with friends – creative activities to kill time and have fun!
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The game has an Android version, if you want to download this game to your phone, then you can download it at the Google Play store.

How to play:

Use the mouse to play this game

Tips and Tricks:

You can pause/resume/restart and turn the sound on/off on the game screen.

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