Dinosaur Chase

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Game Description:

About Dinosaur Chase

A new game about the dinosaur theme is introduced to you today, in this dinosaur chase game, your task is to run fast through the obstacles such as stumps, hills and other obstacles.

Note that you have to catch all the objects in the road without crashing and without being able to hold you, because as you stand back, the dinosaur that runs behind you will not hesitate to devour in one bite.

Eat the meat to run faster, and eat the apple to get more points! Carefully switch between the 2 characters, Bimmin and Roc, to run as far as you can! Watch out for obstacles and be sure to collect fruit and meat to boost your score.

Space = Jump Jump over gaps and other obstacles to avoid getting gobbled up by the giant T-Rex for as long as possible. The game requires you to be really focused, agile and creative to escape the dinosaurs that protect your life.

The game has unique graphics, sounds soothing that suitable for children of all ages. Experience this free game here, on the website now! Good luck! Enjoy!

How to play:

Use the Spacebar or press W key to jump!

Tips and Tricks:

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