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Game Description:

Dinosaur Fishing

Play free Dinosaur Fishing game at Dinosaursgames.net - website for all dinosaur games online! Dinosaur Fishing is fun game in which your task catch big fish in deep sea.

If this is not the first time that you visit us here on our website, that for our team it is really important to make sure that we manage to bring you all the dinosaur games online. This new game that is called Dinosaur Fishing and that we are sure you are really going to appreciate.

You are in luck because in this game you will have the chance of seeing an actual dinosaur and interact with them so we are sure that you cannot wait to play this new adventure dinosaur game. This game is a really interesting one because it seems that your mission is going to use your huge Baryonyx Dinosaur claw to catch fishes out of a river. You don't want to starve, so be fast! If you catch a lot of fish you will get many points

If you like Dinosaur Fishing, then this game will make your hearts leap for joy. Go out to sea with prehistoric dinosaurs and make a big catch. There are lots of beautiful fish below the deep blue water. Let’s go catch some fish!

Use Arrow left and right to turn the dino left and right step by step. Use Arrow up and down to move forward and backward. Press Spacebar to hook the fish. Press P to pause.

Dinosaur Fishing has fun features:

- Learn a score of different marine fish, there are different species;
- Explore the mysterious ocean habitat;
- Easy to play and fun to learn!

Let's play this game and have some fun!

How to play:

To play this flash dinosaur game, use your cursor keys for movement, your space bar to swipe your claw, and your P key to pause the game.

Tips and Tricks:

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