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Game Description:

About Dinosaur Hunter Game Survival

Dinosaur Hunter Game Survival is a new online shooting game that we added today on the Dinosaursgames.net site. You can come here to enjoy this game today with your friends. Similar to some other dinosaur hunting games, your mission in Dinosaur Hunter Game Survival is to hunt huge giant dinosaurs. Try to survive to accomplish the goal that the game offers.

In this game, you play as a hunter. You will shoot and kill huge dinosaurs, you will use a gun to complete the missions required by the game. The game has 6 levels, with each level will bring your own tasks and challenges.

In the first level, in front of you is a target board and your task is to shoot 5 dinosaurs. Complete all the goals at this level, you will be unlocked at level 2. To unlock the next level, it requires you to complete the goals in the previous level. Look around and shoot carefully because the dinosaurs appear suddenly, and they can attack at any time.
On the left of the game, the screen will show your health, once you are attacked by dinosaurs, this health will be reduced and the game will be over..

It can be said that this is a game about Naruto being a hunter. When you play at a higher level, the challenges will be harder. I played Naruto Dragon Hunter for hours and the furthest I ever reached was level 10. I enjoyed this game because of its classic graphics and simple gameplay and I believe you will like it too. Good luck and have fun!

How to play:

Use the WASD or Arrow keys to move
Left-click to fire
Right-click to aim
Use the space key to jump
L to switch cursor lock

Tips and Tricks:

- Shoot the target exactly

- When hitting the target, you need to pay attention to other targets

- Look around if you don't want the dinosaurs to attack you again.

- Try to fulfill all the goals that the game sets


* Dinosaur Hunter Game Survival on Dinosaursgames.net site


Dinosaur Hunter Game Survival is an interesting dinosaur shooting game and you can play it at Dinosaursgames.net with your friends for free. We offer you many qualities unblocked online dinosaur games, all for free. So you can play any game you want and anywhere.

Now try Dinosaur Hunter Game Survival, use your weapons and complete the goals. Can you survive this exciting hunting expedition? Play now!

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