Dinosaur Hunter Survival

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Game Description:

Dinosaur Hunter Survival

A new game that we want to bring to you today is called Dinosaur Hunter Survival. This is a kill simulation game and shoots dinosaurs, in which players can find dinosaurs according to maps and sniper to kill them. We think this is a great dinosaur game that you can enjoy for free right after reading about this game information.

In the game, you are a hero and you are equipped with a sniper gun. You need to fight dinosaurs to survive. While you are looking for ways to destroy them, then come back and take revenge on you. Very gentle herbivorous dinosaurs will also become dangerous dinosaurs in this game. But don't worry! Because your gun is provided with an unlimited number of bullets. Your mission is to aim and shoot each dinosaur accurately and don't let it attack you.

The game screen will show your health. Once you are attacked by dinosaurs, your health will decrease to 0 and the game will end. Your mission is to complete 6 goals, ie you must shoot 6 dinosaurs to complete your goal.

Join in this game, you will experience the thrill of shooting prehistoric dinosaurs. Plus, you get to experience with the shooting. The sound of the game is very lively and authentic. It's like you're in a real-life hunt. So there are so many interesting things, now is the time to try this game!

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How to play:

Use L key to lock mouse cursor,
ESC to unlock mouse cursor,
Left mouse or Left Control to shoot,
Right mouse or Alt to aim,
Use WASD keys to move.

Tips and Tricks:

- Shooting each dinosaur correctly if you don't want to be attacked by dinosaurs.


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