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Game Description:

Dinosaur Killing Game

Play Dinosaur Killing game for free at Dinosaursgames.net - website for all dinosaur games online! This is a sharp shooter game in which your task is to hunt the cruelest creature dinosaur before they hunts you down.

In the game, you are a T-Rex hunter in South America and are in search of lost T-Rex dinosaurs that have been seen lurking around and ancient religious site. Prepare your gun, you want to start killing the T-Rex for trophies, but there is just one of you and many of them. You can move around the old walls in search of your prey, but so can the dinosaurs so be careful and watch your back. So, you have to be very careful and keep your eye on your prey.

Dinosaur Killing features that you should know:

- You have to explore a large open world to search for dinosaurs and take them down.
- In the most realistic environments, breath taking graphics and real time sound effects you get to hunt them all alone.
- Take on the challenge of hunting dino as they come in different species. Load up on firepower with destructive weapons.
- Make your kills and complete them all for even greater rewards! Complete different tasks to complete every mission.
- Every mission is different from each other, So the hunter has to use different hunting techniques.

Are you ready for the prehistoric jurassic shooter challenge? Get ready for the best hunting adventure of your life in the Jurassic locations.
Hunt deadly dinosaurs in this action packed dinosaur game Dinosaur Hunter! Try it now, you will not be disappointed. You will have plenty of fun!

Its an easy game to play; use your arrow keys for movement and your CTRL key to shoot the T Rex.

How to play:

Play game by key Ctrl + Arrow.

Tips and Tricks:

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