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Dinosaur King

Play new game Dinosaur King for free online at our website Dinosaursgames.net. You can play this game in your browser, your mobile and enjoy it for free as well.

In the game, you play the role of Max or Rex and accompany Zoe on a wild adventure! Summon dinosaurs and fight against the bad guys in this fun RPG -Dinosaur King! Stop the evil gang called Alpha Gang from creating an evil dinosaur empire!

Dinosaur King is a 2007 action role-playing video game based on the animated TV series of the same name. The game plays very similar to Pokemon games where the player must collect dinosaurs by excavating and then cleaning fossils. Battles, in this game, take place as random encounters on the overworld map. The game features a total of 72 dinosaurs available not including secret dinosaur characters that can only be obtained by entering a special code. Will you be able to complete the game and stop the Alpha Gang?

Dinosaur king belongs to those dinosaur king games that we have selected for you. If you do not know how to play this game, then you can follow the instructions in the game. Besides this game, you can find the similar it as Dino King Battle: Taiko Kara No Hyuuryuusha , Kingdom of the Dinosaurs in our website. All are free here and you can enjoy with your friends, your relatives,... I hope that you will like this game and come back here to play more game. Have fun playing this game called Dinosaur King!

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