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Game Description:

Welcome to the new Dinosaur Meat Hunt Dry Land game! This is an interesting puzzles game developed by G2k.co. The game has unique graphics, suitable for all people who love dinosaurs, especially children. You can experience this game on your browser for free!

Dinosaur Meat Hunt Dry Land 3 is a new part of the great Dino Meat Hunt game. Like the previous parts, this time, you will meet two Red dino and Little Dino characters. Your task is to help two Dinosaurs again to collect some food such as meat, and fruit by overcome all the obstacles on their adventure. They will have the difficulties and challenging adventure, you can control the little dinosaur to jump to hight places and the big dinosaur can destroy dangerous monsters. In this adventure, you must be more careful about new enemies and traps.

The game has 20 stages, each stage will be different challenges and difficulties that require the player must overcome. For example: In stage 1 and 2, you will be easy to control dinosaurs to collect food. At the third stage will begin to appear obstacles like fire, creature...Help a little dino to go across the fire. It will be extinguished once the big one step on it. Continuing to explore the next stage, you will have the opportunity to experience many different challenges.

An interesting thing about this game is that you can enjoy with your friends because the game has two players modes. If your friends choose Red dinosaur controls, meanwhile you will choose to control small dinosaurs. In during the game, you and your friends must help each other by giving a lift or removing obstacles so both of you can get to the next stage. Besides, you can also play this game alone by controlling two dinosaur characters simultaneously. Because two dinosaur characters have different controls. Control red dinosaurs, you can use arrow keys to move, while small dinosaurs, you can use WASD keys.
The challenge for you in this game is solving all the puzzles. So try to solve all the puzzles until the final stage. Good luck and have fun!

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How to play:

Red Dino:

Use arrow keys to move your red dino.
Press L key to attack

Little Dino:

Use WASD keys to move
Press G key to attack
Press "W" key to double jump.

Tips and Tricks:

You can pause/resume/restart and turn the sound on/off on the game screen.

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