Dinosaur Rampage

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Game Description:

Dinosaur Rampage

Play free game Dinosaur Rampage at Dinosaursgames.net - website for all dinosaur games online! Dinosaur Rampage is a raging dinosaur attack game in which you must destroy as many buildings as you can and cause havoc. The more you smash, the higher your rage meter will go. Just watch out for electricity and traps, or the humans will catch you!

Along the way, collect LEGO studs and glowing Dino DNA to upgrade your dinosaur, so you can run faster and stomp harder. Mix and match LEGO Dinosaur parts to make your own dinosaur creation. Can you make it all the way to the edge of Jurassic World, and set the dinosaurs free?

You know how in films like Jurassic Park they can't help but towards the end of the film bringing the prehistoric monster back to the US, despite the facts that they know full well that in all probability the dinosaur is going to cut itself loose and go on the rampage? Well, here we go again in a classic dinosaur rampage game, and guess what, is the dinosaur looking for revenge on his or her captors, is she looking for somewhere safe to lay her eggs to establish a new dinosaur empire that will rule for a millennia and we merely become slaves to our new masters? Hell no, this dinosaur is on the lookout for pizzas!

This incredible monster game will thrill and excite you. The challenging levels will always keep you engaged and interested for a long time. This is a great action packed simulator which will immerse you and make you experience the life of crazy enraged dinosaur on a rampage in the city.

How to play:

Use arrows to move forward, backward, up or down.

Don't let T-Rex catch uo with you. Lead him to the gas station to send him back to prehistoric times!

Pick up health power and look out for obstacles!

Tips and Tricks:

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