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Game Description:

Hello, dinosaur fan!

We know that you really like cute little dinosaurs. So today we bring you the extremely cute game. It's called Dinosaurs Fix The Patch game. You and your friends can enjoy on our site for free!

Dinosaurs Fix The Patch is a puzzle dinosaur game. The game has unique graphics, funny sounds very suitable for children of all ages. Very interesting to play this game because you will meet the cute dinosaurs and your task is to assemble the dinosaurs to become complete.

The game have 10 levels, each level will have different dinosaurs. For example, at level 1, first, watch this cute dinosaur. You will assemble this cute dinosaur. On the left of the game, the screen is the features that you can use. You can drag the parts of this dinosaur so that it becomes a complete dinosaur. You drag head part of dinosaur including eyes, nose, mouth, ears. The next body part with legs and tail...After completing the assembly, you will have this cute little friend!

As such you will continue to assemble the dinosaurs in each subsequent level. There are many different dinosaurs in each these level. You'll assemble a Triceratops at level 3, a Stegosaurus at level 4, a Flying Pteranodon at level 6...
Complete all 10 levels, you will have great fun with all the dinosaurs.

Do you like cute little dinosaurs? How fun it is when you can really play what you want. Dinosaurs Fix The Patch is fun to play and easily accessible to the kids. Besides, the game can help you improve your intelligence. With interesting gameplay and colorful graphics, Dinosaurs Fix The Patch will bring you moments of relaxation. I believe you will love this game.

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How to play:

Use the mouse to play this game.

Tips and Tricks:

- You can turn the sound on/off on the game screen.

- At level 4, you need to correctly assemble the parts of the Stegosaurus dinosaur. Because this dinosaur will have the spikes on its back that you need to assemble it correctly.

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