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Game Description:

About Jurassic Dinosaurs Survival World

Welcome back to our Dinosaursgames.net site today to enjoy an exciting new game called Jurassic Survival World Dinosaurs. Jurassic Dinosaurs Survival World is a 3D survival shooter where you must fight dinosaurs in the Jurassic era to survive. Jurassic Dinosaurs Survival World was developed by Mentolatux and released in September 2019. The game has beautiful 3D graphics, along with the lively sounds of birds in the forest, the roar of dinosaurs, gunfire ... especially with many challenges, surely the game will bring you the most interesting experience.

The game takes you to a Jurassic era forest, filled with dinosaurs and they are very dangerous to humans. Your task is to find and kill them all if you want to survive in dangerous places like this. You will have to explore the map, find places where you can buy guns, bullets, or grenades. You have to be careful wherever you are because dinosaurs can attack you anytime. Watch your surroundings carefully so you won't be attacked by them.

The game has 2 modes that you can choose to play including, campaign and multiplayer survival.
If you choose to play the campaign mode, then you will play single. In this mode, there are 6 levels to play. Passing the first level, you will unlock the next level. In each level, you will have to kill 30 dinosaurs to complete your task. You are offered 999 bullets, $ 30,000 and 100 health. Kill a dinosaur, your money will increase and you can use it to buy weapons.

Play in survival multiplayer mode where you will be playing with your friends with another dinosaur model. You can choose a server, create a game room and start playing. Or you can choose to play in Lobby - the server is made available in the game.
Also in this multiplayer mode, you will be provided with 4 guns including SMG, Shotgun, HMG, PDG. To get two HMG and PDG guns you need to unlock.
Besides, players are allowed to choose the region to play such as America, Europe, Asia. Choose one of them and start the journey to find and destroy the dragon frame to escape from the forest.

Jurassic Dinosaurs Survival World is an online game that you can enjoy with your friends on holidays to relax. The game can be played in your browser or phone for free. Besides this game, you can play some games similar to Dinosaur hunter survival, Survival: Dinosaur Hunter ...

How to play:

Use WASD keys to move
Left-click to fire
Press the SPACEBAR to jump
Press the E key to interact
Right-click to aim
Roll the mouse cursor to change weapons
Press the R key to reload

Tips and Tricks:

- Watch carefully around you because you can not know dinosaurs can attack you anytime and anywhere.

- Try to kill many dinosaurs to get money and buy weapons.


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