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Game Description:

Dinosaurs Jurassic Survival World is an action game where your main objective will be to survive. You are all alone in the middle of a dangerous jungle full of dinosaurs. These beasts aren’t really happy with your presence, so they will try to get rid of you. Luckily, you have some weapons on you that you can use to defend yourself. Kill each of the dinos that will be running in your direction. You can also find hidden eggs while playing the game. There’s also a multiplayer available, where you will be able to fight with your friends and increase your chance of survival. Good luck! You can refer our game video to play

How to play:

- MOUSE to shoot and change guns
- W A S D to move
- SPACEBAR to jump
- SHIFT to run fast
- 1 || 4 to exchange weapons
- R to reload
- F to use a knife
- G to use grenades
- TAB to turn on the Menu

Tips and Tricks:

- Shoot the target exactly

- When hitting the target, you need to pay attention to other targets

- Look around if you don't want the dinosaurs to attack you again.

- Try to fulfill all the goals that the game sets

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