Dinosaurs Memory Challenge

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Game Description:

Dinosaurs Memory Challenge Game
Find the pairs and win! There are 6 levels to complete.
Use mouse and turn over tiles and try to find as many pairs as you can!
This classic game for children of all ages is full of wonderful prehistoric good dino images to discover!
A beautiful and engaging concentration game for kids and preschool toddlers. This game improves kids memory. The game is played by matching 2 cards with the same dinosaur. It's great training for memory!

Touch the cards to discover and match cool and funny dinosaurs for toddlers! Watch the amazing rewards when two similar dinosaurs have been matched! Improve the memory and concentration skills by competing with yourself using the rich statistics of previously played memory & concentration games or keep track of your kiddies progress reaching for more and more difficult levels! Learn about shapes, colors, dinosaurs while having a blast! Challenge your kiddie by stepping up a level when the current one is too easy! Reveal a huge set of dinosaurs with widly different colors and shapes, all for your toddler or kiddie to learn, memorize and recognize.

How fast can you complete each level? Can you learn to memorize all the cards? It requires a lot of concentration and memorizing to complete! If you are on the hunt for dinosaur concentration memory matching games for kids and toddlers, this is the game for you!
We hope you would love this game. Enjoy free new dinosaur game online on dinosaursgames.net

How to play:

Use mouse to play this game.

Tips and Tricks:

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