Dinosaurs World Hidden Eggs Part Iv

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Game Description:

About Dinosaurs World Hidden Eggs Part Iv

Dinosaurs World Hidden Eggs Part Iv is a free online game that we have just added today on Dinosaursgames.net website. The game has light music, and the simple gameplay is suitable for children of all ages. You can enjoy this game in your browser or in your phone as well!
Dinosaurs World Hidden Eggs Part IV is the fourth part of the previous Dinosaurs World Hidden Eggs game. In this section, you will be visiting the famous Jurassic Park. But you will have some missions there, that are to find hidden dinosaur eggs on the island. To start your quest, you will be provided with a magnifying glass. It will help you find dinosaur eggs quickly.

The game has 5 levels to find hidden dinosaur eggs in limited time. With these 5 levels correspond to each different image. And each level you have to find 26 eggs with different colors. You must try to find as fast as possible because the game's time is limited. In addition, the faster you find the eggs, the higher your score. Once you don't find enough eggs, then the game will end.
A note for you: If you click the mouse incorrectly on the egg, your score will be deducted.

Can say Dinosaurs World Hidden Eggs Part IV is a great game that we think you should not miss. This game will give you interesting experiences and skills such as solving a problem, quick-eyed ... Now enjoy this game and see how many points you will get in the challenge.

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How to play:

Use the mouse to play this game

Tips and Tricks:

Try to find the fastest hidden eggs possible, if you want your score to be high and not lose the turn in the game.

Click the correct mouse on each egg, otherwise, your score will be reduced.


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