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Game Description:

Dinotrux Memory

This is new great game Dinotrux Memory, you can play it and enjoy it for free at Dinosaursgaems.net - website for all dinosaur games online. Dinotrux Memory is a challenging memory game. In this game has dinosaur cartoon characters that are favorited by many children! Our favorite characters can be found in duplicated figures, spread on a board and in upside down cards. Turn them, up to two at once, until finding a couple out of luck or thanks to a trained brain that memorized their position.

Join this game, you will have tons of fun with all of your beloved cartoon characters from all these amazing categories that our team has uploaded specially for you. You just have to participate in the free online Dinotrux games that we have just added to our dinosaur games for kids page. It will be up to you to find all pairs of cards that have two equal pictures of the characters in this animated series of animated cartoons that will be appearing on your screen. It will be of utmost importance that you use all your quick thinking skills and your entire memorizing ability when it comes to decorating which is where each of the equal images are.

They will be turned quickly on your screen and you will have to memorize where they are, as they will be flipped back and the part where the images will be will be turned into your computer. Look closely at each of the cards and as soon as you are sure that the two equal images are somewhere, click on the two cards. They will be flipped and if you have actually found a pair of cards the same cards will remain face-up and you can start looking for the next pair of cards.

In all you will have to turn 20 cards to find the 10 pairs of cards that are appearing on your screen. Being that if you find all of them will score many points and you can still have much more fun starting the game from scratch again. So test all your intelligence in this free online memory game and quickly find the pairs of all cards, as this way you will rejoice greatly through this pastime.

Check out this new game that we've recently uploaded, Dinotrux Memory, an amazing game that will definitely test all of you boys, and see which one of you has a better memory. Find all the matching pairs, as soon as possible. Good luck! Play free game Dinotrux Memory on Dinosaursgames.net

How to play:

Use the mouse to play.

Tips and Tricks:

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